J. Martins & Dias's activity is focused on the sale of wood and wood products as well as other finishing and construction materials.
Supplies the manufacturing, exporting and carpentry business.


Large stock of products

We have a large storage capacity, with several types of wood and dimensions, allowing us to guarantee short-time deliveries of both domestic or foreign woods not always available in the market.no, entre outras.

Customized Solutions

Our wide range of products includes standard solutions and development of alternative solutions according to customer needs and specificities.

After-Sales Assistance

We sell quality products and certified brands.
We have a fast and efficient after sales service, during or after the warranty period.

Plate Veneering

With any kind of plate and dimensions.

Plate Junction

For plywood production.

Plate cutting

Tailored to all types of panels - chipboard, MDF, OSB and plywood.

Technical support and advice

We provide a full service advisory and technical support to our customer's projects, not only in product selection but also in how the best method of use. We have a team of qualified professionals who will help you to select the most current products and most appropriate for your needs.

Deliveries nationwide

Owners of a distribution fleet, we guarantee the delivery of products anywhere in the country.

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