25 years dedicated to the commerce of wood and its derivatives.

J. Martins & Dias, a company located in Lousada (North of Portugal) and dedicated to the trade of wood and its derivatives, is one of the most enterprising and dynamic companies in the industry in Portugal. From a family background, a profile that it is maintained today, it stands out for its vast knowledge of the national and international market, a result of 35 years of experience.

Guided by a vision of sustained growth, J. Martins & Dias has been focusing on the diversification of its activities - with works done for furniture, carpentry and construction industry sectors - by investing in products with high potential of profitability, always maintaining an environmental concern for sustainability.

With a total area of ​​over 14,000 m2, distributed by administrative and service areas, sawmilling, drying, processing and storage, it is sold everything from flooring, floor covering and furniture, ensuring high quality and a large variety of available products.

The secret of its success must be related to the familiarity with its customers and the quality of the service that has been accompanying throughout the years, keeping as a fundamental pillar the personalized service and dedication to each order that is accomplished.

With the ever-present responsibility to uphold the principles of economic, social and environmental development, J. Martins & Dias remains loyal to the foundations on which it has built its business - market vision, demand, ethics, creativity, innovation and passion. With a very clear objective of standing out from the others with excellency, strives for the highest quality of products and services it offers, and for the presentation of unique materials in the Portuguese market.

All this converges in a unique desire of honour the legacy of the Patriarch and make J. Martins & Dias, Lda to prosper.

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